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Evolution of Canadian humour

Theory on why sarcasm has evolved to such levels of wit in Canada. We have a very powerful neighbour to the south, and sometimes calling the devil Jesus is the only way to make the truth known.   These days, … Continue reading

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Open internet: Is it good for competition to allow deep pockets to speed on the information highway?

No. Price and speed discrimination online should be a matter of whether consumers would like to access content. The notion that only high paying business should be able to diffuse to their audiences in a timely manner is an affront … Continue reading

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Build the future on oil (The Harper Doctrine)

We’ll build the future on oil. Everything, is solved.

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The truth must be known. Formally.

W.r.t. celibacy in the priesthood: perhaps relations with wicca may have removed the influence of women on the ability to think clearly, so to speak. Normally, I would argue that this does not make sense. The influence of women is … Continue reading

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Remake an old farm story about animals

I would like to write an analogue to Animal Farm, except that all the animals are bound for certainty of human consumption, if they make it that far. It should also be geared towards a lesson in sympathy, a la … Continue reading

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Nuclear first strike could win the election

Dear Obama, What would you do if 60% of Americans supported nuclear first strike and you were expecting a close election? When will we abandon the first strike policy? The credibility of the threat should be maintained in other ways … Continue reading

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NSAaaaa. Pleaeeese, save us. We need you to watch everything everywhere.

What will happen if internet security becomes a greater threat. For example, if security agencies spend all their time spying on citizens instead of identifying threats which originate from the internet and target citizens (such as viruses, for example), then … Continue reading

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How to know when your best interests are at heart: A major corporation said so.

Microsoft is helping to protect my security by requiring that my phone number is matched to my email address. This makes me feel very safe. Because when the government can link all private correspondence to you, then we can be … Continue reading

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Balance of power is common sense in the logic of “international relations”

By that, I mean what I said. This logic is not so readily applied by dominant forces. However, if you care to open an intro to IR textbook, something to this effect can be expected to be present in early … Continue reading

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Unwavering commitment to marijuana legalization

I once went to research a debate on marijuana for a school debate. I learned some interesting facts, and discovered that this is one of the most misplaced, misinformed and costly misadventures in public policy of all time. Since that … Continue reading

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