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Looking for a good place to put your money?

How’s this for good places to put your money over Christmas (although I don’t know who would be taking your money to do exactly with it). Tetanus kills one child every nine minutes and could be eradicated for $110 million, … Continue reading

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Where the limits of SSD technology may lie

Fans of solid state hard drives (SSD), and in particular their low energy usage and super rapid recall, may have cause for concern. As it stands, most SSDs in new computers are 64GB or 128GB. The problem has to do … Continue reading

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A first time for everything

In this case, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper breaks new ground, by issuing a sensible statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Namely, he stated that an Israeli policy to build 3000 more housing units in settlements east of Jerusalem would not … Continue reading

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One thing that Latin America appears to do much better than Asia

I’ve been reading recently about the use of the International Court of Justice by Latin American countries to resolve maritime territorial disputes. Notably, Colombia and Nicaragua, having resolved to accept the findings of the court, brought an end to the … Continue reading

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So where is the solar apocalypse?

As opposed to some forecasts that cuts to solar subsidies would rapidly lead to the collapse of many solar companies, along with a spree of consolidation and mergers until a handful of survivors were left standing, the crash in profits … Continue reading

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