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More evidence that pesticides are an important factor behind episodes of colony collapse among bees

As reported in Nature yesterday, combinations of pesticides have cumulative effects which negatively impact bee foraging behaviour and ability to find their way back home. The practical policy implication is that it may be necessary to regulate pesticides on the … Continue reading

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Progress in Spanish

It seems that Spanish is a rather easy language to knock down if you already speak English and French (Chinese isn’t much help in this regard).┬áSo, I’m starting to thing that 12 months is far more than enough for the … Continue reading

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A first time for everything, including misplaced trust on the road

Things I would no longer be able to buy if the last $60 in my wallet was lifted by a “friend” who was looking after my stuff while taking a night swim at a beach in El Salvador: – Peace … Continue reading

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The unnecessarily neverending story of unschooled children lives on

It is a situation seen all too often in the developing world. On a weekday, say around 10am or 2pm, when children should be in school learning lots and enjoying their interactions with their peers, they are instead out begging … Continue reading

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Another experienced law enforcement officer speaks out against cannabis prohibition

As found on the Stop The Violence BC website, yet another experienced law enforcement officer speaks out against the counterproductive and damaging effects of cannabis prohibition. Too bad these guys can’t speak out earlier in their careers. Fortunately in this … Continue reading

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