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French election odds

If French in Africa are remotely representative of French who make it to the polls, Sarkozy’s odds fall somewhere in the range of slim to nil: of perhaps a dozen who I’ve ended up talking politics with over the last … Continue reading

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About Morocco

It’s nice to see that things appear to more or less function here. Some discoveries to be made as well, I’m sure.

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Exited poverty

While I’ve never felt particularly deprived in economic terms, except for perhaps a few short stints of a few days or weeks or so, it appears as though last year was the year things changed. Last year I officially exited … Continue reading

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The little green devil …

I’m not sure there’s much to this topic that’s not already obvious to a whole lot of people. We are flushing enormous sums of money down the drain every year to lock away people with addiction problems or who use … Continue reading

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One way things could turn out well in Mali

What I think is the ideal progression of events leading to an end to recent additional problems faced by Mali and Malians. – Functional transfer of all ministries to civilian power, with the understanding that the military will have general … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to the last few months

In no particular order, I could say that I’ve had four main priorities over the last few months: travelling, working, playing music and trying to identify 2-3 communities with an interest to have someone crunch some numbers with respect to … Continue reading

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Is it worth it to hire “expensive” contractors or freelancers?

Not for the first time, it crosses my mind to wonder whether budget-conscious managers consider the full cost of employment when deciding whether to use contractors or formal staff to complete projects. I met with someone in a fairly major … Continue reading

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One of many things that contributes to effective institutions …

… is effective people. Many years ago I wrote a university paper about challenges in reforming the UN, and at the time, Kofi Annan had pinpointed improved career development pathways as one of the main challenges for working towards a … Continue reading

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Careful online? Na, not really

I was reading some advice for translators today with respect to social media, and among numerous suggestions, the largely helpful author suggested that one should be careful not to write about politics or religion online. The main idea is to … Continue reading

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Form for Mauritania checkpoints

This form can be printed, filled out and copied to speed up the process at checkpoints in Mauritania. My understanding is that you can often expect to need as many as 30 of these forms depending on how much you … Continue reading

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