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Not all is wrong with the Canadian government

I can no longer claim to be against everything my government aims to change about Canada. It will be tougher for some; increasing the retirement age is perhaps not strictly necessary, but a highly sensible option among many for long … Continue reading

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From an online comic that I like to read from time to time. One question, though, is who wins and who loses from control of media on the internet. Or another: is increasing government control of online media content really … Continue reading

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The top five arms exporters

A topic that comes up from time to time that has few solid facts behind it relates to the biggest exporters of arms and who exports how much of what to whom. This graph at the Economist nicely sums up … Continue reading

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Progress, I think

It is no longer legally sanctioned for police in China to disappear people without telling families, except for still sometimes. When in China, all can now feel safe walking the streets again. Well, I always did, ’cause I’m not one … Continue reading

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Interesting paper?

The title would be something to the effect of: The role of energy efficiency (including fuel choice), quality (as in durability), price and transportation costs in determination of brand/model choice in investment decisions in industrial and agricultural machinery under fixed … Continue reading

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How to deal with conspiracy theorists

I was writing a somewhat rambling comment in reply to a question on Tyler Cohen’s blog, when I decided it was too long and to post it here:) I meet a fair number of conspiracy theorists. As you travel around … Continue reading

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How dangerous is Harper?

This article at the Globe and Mail makes for an interesting read. Here is a notable excerpt: “As political scientist Alan Whitehorn has couched it, it’s the difference between “civil rivalry between fellow citizens of the same state [and] all-out … Continue reading

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