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What do they mean, “the lost years”

If the boom is, at least in part, responsible for the bust, is it really appropriate to refer to “lost years”, as we often hear about Japan in the 80s and 90s, and as appears in this chart on the … Continue reading

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Functional single atom transistor

Researchers fix phosphorus atom on silicon, yielding a single-atom transistor, an important step in isolating the atom from its environment in order to make use of it for the purposes of quantum computing. Just imagine what that could do for … Continue reading

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A new height to hypocrisy

A new height to hypocrisy A party that would undermine the statistical viability of the Canadian census in order to suppsedly protect the privacy of Canadians, then turn around and push legislation that allows police warrantless access to all sorts … Continue reading

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There goes my drum walking away …

A question that has been on my mind recently is whether, when some particular cow or goat walk by, someone who knows the difference could identify that the makings of some particularly fine drum was walking along on its way. … Continue reading

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Poor Market Access, Questions For Farmers, C’est L’Afrique

An example of poor market access A negotiating strategy that I have taken a liking to, in that it also provides interesting information on how effectively (or more typically, ineffectively) markets work in West Africa. When looking for any good … Continue reading

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Welcome to the digital age :)

The apparent human tendency to collect things to excess is something that baffles me on occasion, particularly when it carries on well beyond the point of utility. One could look back as far as Hobbes, who briefly discusses the drive … Continue reading

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