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Support for irrigation technologies in Senegal

I am happy to have recently discovered that the Israeli government has been actively involved in the dissemination of technologies that improve water management, yields and economic profitability for farming in the developing world, such as through support for irrigation … Continue reading

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Palestinian leadership seeking official endorsement at the UN

The Palestinian leadership is looking to pursue a vote at the UN for official recognition as a state. The reaction of the Canadian government, that they should solely puruse further negotiations with Israel to the exclusion of other strategies in … Continue reading

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One approach to capacity building

There are those who believe that governments should have an ability to regulate or intervene in an economy to improve social and/or productive outcomes and there are those who believe that private markets are best left to do their own … Continue reading

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Ottoman view of state responsibility

It seems that the Ottoman view of the responsibilities of the state were not so foreign after all, particularly in terms of the idea that the state could look out for itself by building up the capacity of its citizens. … Continue reading

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Leapfrog shows capital markets and ethics may align

Leapfrog Investments is a revolutionary company, in the sense that they are positioning themselves to tap capital markets to earn income by providing insurance to those who other insurers avoid like the plague: those who suffer from AIDS or other … Continue reading

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Urbanization through private cities?

There was some interesting discussion at the today about the benefits of private cities that are and will continue to sprout up in developing areas of Africa, India and China. The main argument in favour is that they can … Continue reading

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American economic renewal: The classic VAT versus income tax debate

I generally tend to support taxes on goods and services rather than taxes on income for two reasons. The first reason is that a tax on income, whether corporate income or personal income, is a deterrent to allocating one’s resources … Continue reading

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Interesting, the extent to which the human body and mind can acclimatize itself to new situations over time. Somewhat over a year ago, symptoms associated with a congenital spinal defect began to manifest themselves at the usual age for the … Continue reading

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Reflections on challenges in management

The expected result of a project undertaken with unclear expectations, no operational budget, no ownership of prospective successes of a project, opaque books under a profit share and little functionally independent authority: not much. Lessons learned: clarify expectations upon entering … Continue reading

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Prayer mats and ritual cleansing

The prayer rug in Islam is a vital aspect of the daily practice of the sujid (prostration to God) of salah (prayer). The mat is not specifically required for prayer, but it is required that prayer be performed in an … Continue reading

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