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Off the radar

It appears that Africa is so far off the development radar that it does not even appear in a list of possible focus regions for aid efforts in a survey at the G&M.

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Ouattara officially president

“Celebrate a peace without which no development is possible,” says Ouattara, formally the president of a West African state as of yesterday. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how he and other parties can follow through on both of … Continue reading

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RNA editing

Naturally occurring RNA editing of protein sequences in humans. Another example, I suppose, of how the world is always more complicated than meets the eye. I’m pretty sure this sort of stuff as been known about for some time (something … Continue reading

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Good news for slurpee lovers, and other news too

Who doesn’t need an even better way to enjoy a Slurpee? And I’m sure some people will be looking back over the recent events in Cote d’Ivoire for a good while to come. Let it begin. Could the recent episodes … Continue reading

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Well, I am both ashamed and proud to say that I voted strategically for the first time in my life yesterday. Ashamed because I believe that people should vote their conscience (which actually makes sense in a PR system) and … Continue reading

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Depensation curves

This is where my Sunday went. Anyone familiar with the stuff will recognize that the dynamics illustrated on the graphs need to be fixed. Specifically, the law of movement does not follow the depensation curve, rather, it is guided by … Continue reading

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