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A shift away from smoking in 中国, or so it seems

This new law against smoking in China will be coming into place (although perhaps not into force) as of May 1st. I certainly think the law is a good idea. However, it seems to me that it would do more … Continue reading

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A potentially useful source of information

Have you been experiencing lower back pain, gotten x-rays, then found out that you have something referred to as an anomalous articulation? It may also be referred to as an anomalous lumbosacral articulation, or an anomalous lumbo-sacral articulation, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Tis a shame to stomp on a flower in full bloom

It is not uncommon for me to state that, if there is a single thing that should be taken from Michel Foucault, it is the following: we must seek understanding of the workings of knowledge and power within a political … Continue reading

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Shale gas, and a question for farmers

I now realize how enormously I underperceived the relevance of shale gas to energy supply in North American energy markets. The first of these pictures tells the story far better than I can. As an issue of particular interest to Quebec, … Continue reading

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Deflation in China?

There is some concern that winding down infrastructure investments in China poses a threat to growth due to a confluence of industrial overcapacity and idle labour (unemployment). Nouriel Roubini at Project Syndicate suggests that the situation could lead to a … Continue reading

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Green spaces, faith and gas prices, a promising ruling …

I have to say, I do not believe it is possible to OVERvalue urban green spaces. Of course, that also stands somewhat in contradiction with the general need for urban densification. That doesn’t worry me too much because I’m sure … Continue reading

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Is scientific discovery an endless process?

Of course, I have no idea whether or not humanity will ever reach the pure limits of scientific knowledge. But let’s say we do. Do things become less interesting because the era of discovery is over? My answer to that … Continue reading

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Informed patient treatment alternations with accumulated damage and tissue regeneration

Hooray for mid-April, every student’s favourite time of year, when we all have lots of time to bask in the relaxing glimmer of our overnight study lamps, among our overlapping masses of texts, class notes, recorded lectures, etc. Since I’m … Continue reading

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UNSC reform

I used to take the position that the UN, although not perfect, is an excellent institution when evaluated in terms of its core goal of preventing another world war. This is because the veto-wielding security council members are able to, … Continue reading

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Optical computing

This is one of those subjects that I’d group together with fusion, and perhaps the space elevator. Things that seem promising, yet still oh so far from viable at present. About ten years ago while on a night shift, and … Continue reading

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