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Agricultural negotiations – EU, Turkey, the Balkans …

Along the way of trying to find out about how Turkey-EU trade stuff was getting along (for indications of how it may affect agricultural policies that the union has in relation to other countries and regional entities), I came across … Continue reading

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I love useless bureaucracy … not

I should get used to annoying hangups like this … I kept my passport in my pocket while travelling, often while travelling light. I sweat while hiking or perhaps dancing, it gets moist or wet (probably dozens or even a … Continue reading

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Critique of some current policy proposals, in relation to productivity and competition

How would I evaluate the desirability of a tax cut? First, I think the most important challenge facing Canadians or the West in general is how to at least maintain our standard of living in the face of increasing global … Continue reading

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Structural change and employment

Can the West maintain or even continue to improve its standard of living in the face of continuous international competition pressing into our areas of competitive advantage? This (link broken) apparently anticipated paper was mentioned in a blog I recently … Continue reading

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Good capitalists vs. reds quote

This has got to be the best thing I’ll read today … from Collier, 2009. Tanzanian socialists, critically commenting on capitalism, describe Kenya as a “man-eats-man” place. The Kenyans respond by describing Tanzania as a “man-eats-nothing” place. Haha :) My … Continue reading

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New central bank radically alters the landscape of Libya conflict

I am amazed that the mainstream media has not caught on to or taken an interest in this yet, given that it fundamentally changes the dynamics of the conflict in Libya. The rebels have opened a central bank, which is … Continue reading

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My limited hopes for this election

As reported in the Globe and Mail today: “Whoever leads the party that wins the most seats on election day should be called on to form the government,” Mr. Ignatieff said. “If that is the Liberal Party, then I will … Continue reading

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How to alienate the left and the right in one go

A post on public and private unions. And for me, a lesson on offline editing.

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Sustainability of public finances in Canada

There is some debate right now as to whether or not Canada is on a sustainable path with respect to public finances. For example, we often hear of something referred to as a structural deficit. A structural deficit occurs when, … Continue reading

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Proof that Osama was not religiously motivated

I was just thinking … If the Koran specifies that Muslims should not burn down the temples of other religions, and if Americans have increasingly worshipped money, then does that not mean that Al Qaeda’s attack in New York was … Continue reading

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