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Clubbing people and throwing piss at them does not tend to win them over

Dignified nonviolent resistance and disciplined civil disobedience are more conducive to demonstrating a sincere ethical commitment to a better, non-racist society than clubbing people and hurling piss at them. More at Project Syndicate.

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There’s probably a line from a patriotic song that could be inserted as a title here …

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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My worldview is any-way-to-be-king-of-the-hill-in-my-head kind of world view

My world view primarily revolves around whatever contortion of logic or perception is required to persuade myself that I am in the superior position in any particular situation. So, for example, if I encounter some helpful indication or effort, the … Continue reading

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How to find out if you got on “the list”

1) Go commit some atrocity. 2) Then, if you have been previously placed on some list, this is when you will find out. There is no way to find out if you are on the list. There is no way … Continue reading

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Real men say nothing when abused, and instead pass it on

When real men are abused, they hold their silence and wait for a target with few prospects to “return fire” and then lay it on. As for those fucking pussies who moan and whine about what is happening? Man up. … Continue reading

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One small truth = on my side

If someone starts off with one small truth, therefore you can believe anything they say and know that they are really on your side. Especially when that’s what THEY try to make of the initial presentation of that small truth. … Continue reading

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The distinction between “taking responsibility” and “getting fucked”

“Getting fucked” is something like … someone sets you up for something minor that you did not know would be a problem, and then coming back at you with something that fucks you. So, for example, when an individual commits … Continue reading

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Explicit efforts to divide thinking processes in a manner that enables to brainwash during one thinking process at the same time as more cognitively focused on the other

One part of this is efforts to force, via combinations of negative and positive conditioning, a stronger tendency towards visualized associations and thinking processes. This may enable to more easily recall and thus manipulate associations. Another part is to try … Continue reading

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Nazi stupidities – a top five-ish reason you might be an idiot but too full of yourself to see it

Here, I briefly discuss the assumption that the ability to earn more income in the present generation is evidence that one’s genetic constituents (DNA, basically) will necessarily be of “greater use to humanity” or some such thing. Among Nazis and … Continue reading

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Are the pyramids a signal to be seen from space?

Could ancient megaprojects have been motivated, at least partially but not in all cases, by the desire to make something that could be visible from space, just in case there was anything out there that could see it? Based on … Continue reading

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