Decimal-place-free economic analysis of effects of Trump protectionism of imports and exports (and thus jobs)

Via Project Syndicate, from the guy who a decade was arguing against all opposition that globalization was not an inevitable thing that could not be reversed, and that in fact states have powers to make decisions that influence such things.

Suppose that the US is trading with foreign countries that maintain protectionist policies. If these countries liberalize their trade regimes, they will tend to import more US goods that compete with their own industries. The size of the import-competing sectors will then shrink, freeing up workers and capital to increase output in export sectors. As exports rise, so will the foreign-exchange earnings that pay for the higher import bill.

Suppose, conversely, that the US imposes new import barriers in response to its current-account deficit. These import barriers would pull workers and capital into import-competing sectors and away from export sectors, roughly leaving the US trade balance unchanged while lowering national income and average living standards. The trade deficit could fall if the import barriers were in the form of trade taxes that lowered the budget deficit (thereby raising government saving) but that effect would work through the budget, not through trade policy per se.

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Tests of faith for real believers and false flaggers

Persevering in doing worthwhile things against adversity.

Not doing stupid things when pressured to just because someone managed to orchestrate some suave innuendo that somehow or another God wanted you to do some dumb thing. Remember how Jesus wouldn’t do stupid shit that the devil tried to get him to do?

Persevere in worthwhile things. Do not test faith by proving your willingness to do stupid shit.


(Incidentally, recently I notice that churches located on busy streets often have people hanging outside near the front door, which usually has some stairs leading up to it, and saying various things that would reflect extremely poorly on Christianity in general, or perhaps “the church”. I do not recall observing this same situation at churches which are not on busy streets, and where most activity on the church premises is exclusively related to activities of that congregation.

On a perhaps similar note, on some number of occasions I have observed women wearing veils, in some manner so as to present themselves specifically as Muslim, but then to proceed with a most dedicated assault on various Western values, Canadian values, and other things, from a perspective that seems more fed by bias towards Muslims than practice of that religion. I believe the objective of this specific type of scenario (or, at least the objective of these people’s handlers, or their handler’s handler) is twofold: 1) promote anti-Muslim attitudes; 2) attack Canadian democracy and society in general, while passing the blame onto a hated group.)

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EMG mindfuck, by use of adults as neurally whipped independence-ridden toddler-replacements

Background: When you think some specific words, regardless of whether you actually vocalize the words or whether they are only vocalized in your heads, “subvocalized”, this leads to the initiation of motor movements going to your throat (larynx). This occurs regardless of whether you speak the words out loud, and thus constitutes the basis of monitoring many types of “thought”. An EMG dictionary for an individual can be built fairly rapdly because there are only a limited number of phonemes in a given language.

Step 1: Implement an EMG monitoring network of any sort. Or alternatively, simply use a microwave doppler measurement device to record tiny tiny changes in movement in the throat which corresponds with that motor processing of words regardless of whether or not they are ultimately spoken. Either way, this basically entails the use of software to decode whatever basic patterns are repeated.

Step 2: Record EMG or microwave doppler data streams while a targeted victim is reading things that you already know in advance they will read. Or, simply compare the datastream to what they actually said in order to build the “library” of specific patterns for the case of this individual.

Step 3: Now, when the individual prepares to speak, have some perpetrators present, who will receive a signal that they are whipped/trained/etc. into habituation of following with a small fraction of a second’s notice. Upon receiving this signal, this whipped puppet may then even pre-empt the targeted victim: i.e., speaking your words even before you manage to get them out yourself! In the case that they do not manage to speak your thoughts before you, this highly oppressive treatment may still have very negative psychological effect by speaking your words at the same time, or even shortly after. (I’m not sure which treatment is worse, but probably my tormentors have some calculated indicator which helps them to select the one assumed to have maximally oppressive impact.) As most people with siblings know, most people learn at a very young age that this sort of treatment will drive people crazy, so it should not have to be explained that this can be extremely oppressive when combined with diverse other treatment.


And that’s only the beginning. Expect calculated mindfucks supported by computer-aided statistical analysis to proliferate after having identified that one has been ambushed, and is now the target of a psychological attack that seeks to dominate every aspect of your person, with the solace of potentially obtaining reprieve from this treatment at the small cost of “Any any. Any time” (to be sure, they respect your time – this “any any. any time” can be fit into your schedule, for example it’s no problem if you do so in a few seconds or minutes, or perhaps move up the entire schedule a bit to accommodate the “any any. any time” requirement.

At early stages, this is liable to be accompanied by extensive efforts to fuck with your head and record reactions (including by video or sound) as a part of blackmail hunting. It doesn’t matter if something is illegal – what they need to know is what can stop you from doing things and what can force you to do things, ranging from the level of “deter from writing a book about this bullshit” to “don’t even wonder what they even want – just GET IN!” For example, suggestively introducing the idea that the maltreatment is due to your failure to accept your subservient role, for example, your failure to go harass people you do not know for reasons that you do not know.


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The kind of helping hand that anyone could do without

“Damning by faint praise” is a known means of trying to look respectable while throwing mud at people. There are extremely diverse analogues of this method of personalized attack and/or generalized propaganda.

Not really the same as the following, but it seems like a reasonable framework for comparison, or even development of typologies for the purpose of promoting resilience of civilian population against risks of ambush (etc.) in an era with rapidly advancing psychological profiling which may be combined with ever-cheaper and ever-more-advanced neuroweapons.


One example was the recommendation to change my trade name from “Nathan translates” to “Nathan translates economics”.

In the first option, “translates” plays on “traduit” in French, which means to lead to results. So the trade name is like “Nathan leads to results” or perhaps “Getting Nathan to do the translation of the final output will lead to results”.

I was recommended to clarify the trade name as “Nathan translates economics”. In French, “economique” means cheap. Most of my clients have French as their first language. So the recommendation amounts to suggesting a name change from “Nathan leads to results” to “Nathan does cheap translations”.

Thanks. Like World Bank and UN researchers are looking for “cheap translations”.


(I was looking for a line such as “The novel contributions of this research paper are … “, but was having various ‘sticks’ (presumed negative stimuli) and distractions applied while alternative wordings were being promoted/suggested to the effect of “despite not being COMPLETELY incompetent, we did nevertheless manage to have some research outputs which are not total garbage”. It is extremely common in electronic harassment, high-tech stalking by proxy, etc., for extremely false presentations of support such as this.

I was supposed to perceive support in the sense of trying to express credibility through humility. But the reality was an effort to mangle that principle completely, to promote sabotage of public research outputs of partners of Canada, research outputs that I am contracted to review for language and communications improvements.)

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Why the “Why” matters in a context of psychological profiling, neurowar and political suppression

If you know why someone does something, you can start by suggestively or otherwise promoting a change in the explanatory approach to WHY they do that thing.

Once they are doing that thing for some different reason than previously, it then becomes possible to suggestively introduce some alternative course of action, or some alternative world view, which differs from the original one.

I.e., the causal pathway from suggestively introducing alternative explanations for existing actions and thoughts, towards progressively altering actual courses of action and world views themselves.


For example, WHY someone masturbates in private instead of public. (Apologies – I intend to select a disturbing example. If this goes too far, please message me and I will devise one that can be more easily discussed openly, in consideration of present sensibilities, and remove reference to any such possibilities.)

Someone might suggestively introduce the idea, when some microwave frequency monitoring device paired with software indicates that this activity might presently be occurring, that the reason for doing so secretively rather than in public is because you don’t want to reveal a desire to do so around children or elderly people.

At the same time, when the software processes data received from hardware and triggers the “button” indicating that this activity is taking place, additional stimuli may suggestively introduce (whether by microwave hearing, projections of covert and/or overt supraliminal and/or subliminal presentations of visal imagery targeting activities of the visual cortex) sexual content, with the objective being among strategies to build associations between a) the masturbatory act and b) children and elderly people.

This may serve a few possible purposes. E.g.: 1) The individual goes to speak to a psychologist about it. They are labelled as a pedophile and perhaps receive mental incarceration as a danger to the public, for trying to speak about such events (this is related to the concept of a “psychiatric reprisal”). 2) This may serve as torture against an individual. 3) This may serve to deter an individual from procreating, and thus in the long-run serve as a form of culturally- or politically-focused Nazism which aims to prevent procreation of those with preferences against being a subservient puppet). 4) As a part of a package of diversified pscyhological onslaughts which collectively have the purpose of causing the targeted victim to give up and ascede to being a puppet (the “do nothing” approach may potentially be accepted for very temporary reprieve) of the attacker.

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When accidentally consuming faux miniature carrots, be attentive to psychological associations, for puppethood avoidance purposes

Theoretically you could have an EEG headset programmed to remind you of certain minutae that you don’t want to forget about.

For example, while reviewing a paper (I review/proofread/edit academic papers and similar such documents), if  subvocalizations of “et al” arise (look up published papers on EMG measures of subvocalization through Google Scholar if you have doubts about this), then this neurotechnology tool which is basically a BCI (brain computer interface) could remind to check whether the period for the abbreviation was correctly added, to have “et al.”.

Here’s the winner:

Because this is theoretically possible, therefore it is a good idea for covert third parties to control the timing and/or associations to be had with any such provision and/or denial of such assistance.

Expect assistance to be on the line of highly distracting “reminders” about extremely trivial, simple or unimportant things, in a way that actually serves as a sort of dehumanization and suggestively programs a person towards some belief in their own inabilities to do such extremely simply things on their own. (If possible, they may try to promote your obsessiveness about some trivial things for the purpose of diversion or time wasting, etc.) These miniature and often even faux carrots (faux for the fact of not being offered unless as part of a package of acceding to habituation of the psychological dominance of the offending party) are liable to be associated with diverse other strategies and technologies used in attempts to puppet persons, for example persons predicted to have some likelihood to believe that the nature of such technologies should be disclosed prior to the mental enslavement of humanity.

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Is the timing of the pre-election French terrorist attack time suspicious? Was the perpetrator also a mind control victim?

There was a terrorist attach on a bus in central Paris, just days before the election.

How much you want to bet that the terrorist who made the attack just before the French election makes numerous complaints that are 10% consistent with having been a victim of mind influencing technologies inclusive of extensive psychological profiling and manipulations leading towards that moment?

The police, and more especially the quacks, had better get to work on this guy quick, so that some story line can be concocted which is cleansed of all such possibilities.

If ISIS, or alternatively false flag operators who use mind control victims through ISIS-based or ISIS-motivated recruitments, are going through such experiences, it is most certainly in the public interest to a) understand these technologies and strategies in order to be able to understand the plausibility of such a concern, and b) to in fact know that this may be relevant in some particular.

As a more outspoken and explicit example, I point to the case of the San Antonio police shooting, where the individual said that he was killing police due to (what he believed to be) their role in a years long campaign of abuse during his tenure as a targeted individual. Whether or not the police directly played a role in the criminal targeting of this man who turned to murder of authority figures of the state is not, I believe, actually very relevant. It’s the consistency of general patterns.

Question: Why the hell would ISIS want Le Pen to win the election?

Answer: It is extremely more in the interest of Le Pen herself, and racist extremists, for this attack to occur just before the election, than it is for ISIS.

Why now? Not through the filters of the police and the courts and the press. A straight up answer, with openness that the direct answer may in fact represent the perpetrator’s thinking on the matter.

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Psychological dominance by proposing alternative explanations for actions which always place one in the dominant position

Any time you go to do something, they propose an explanation which revolves around them having had control over the situation.

This is along the lines of telling the dog to roll over whenever you observe that it is already rolling over.

The effect is then intended to be psychological rather more so than other forms of conditioning, and to normalize one to explanations which involve subservience to and dominance of the offending party in the psychological warfare ambush.


So, for example, I do not choose the one type of incense simply because that box is already open. Instead, it is to avoid the applications of negative stimulus which might be associated with choosing some other option. I.e., it is the dominance of the other, and my own habituation to pain avoidance, that it to be promoted as normal in such a communication.

Very hostile. Like, “trying to puppet someone” kind of hostile. The kind of thing that hanging by the balls in the town square would be too nice for. But in any case, there are probably more effective ways of dealing with the situation than to advocate for hanging people by the balls at 100 Queen St. W.

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Good news for net neutrality in Canada. Following consistent and ongoing efforts by Open Media to ensure that the general public is well represented on this issue, another effort by internet service providers to transform consumers and content creators into livestock has been rejected.

Having paid for a certain speed of access to web services, I believe it is unreasonable for It companies to apply additional preferences about which channels/outlets will receive preference in data transfers.

For example, when I change the channel from TVO to HBO, I expect the cable company to deliver a similar quality of service.

Internet service providers (ISPs) want to be able to charge an additional premium to content producers in order to access high-speed transmission.

End consumers, and not middle men, should be the origin or marketplace decisions which allocate resources to such ends. My use of a paid internet service contributes to their ability to deploy more advanced and faster services.

Middlemen should not get to decide which of those services will systematically arrive first or last. That would be too much power.

And, in the meantime, it would provide cover of an excuse any time agents within security state apparatus might seek to slow down or impede access to some particular site. It would be the generic excuse for difficulties accessing any non-mainstream site.

Getting rid of net neutrality is a long-term objective of ISPs. It would make them more powerful and increase their ability to extract surplus from both consumer and creators of content.

Everyone wins when net neutrality is upheld. Except for those with intent to milk you. I do not shed tears over the reduced ability of major firms to treat me like livestock.

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Causes of attack (getting at some micro level psych stuff wherein neurotech is used to assist in pupetting and enslaving people at the level of thought itself)

Causes of attack
– don’t want to look at the insurance policy number in a document being translated for a new client
– don’t want to be habitual in ignoring external manipulations applied for the purpose of altering meaning while reading. For example, not wanting to accept associations to be implanted with an article at The Guardian entitled “France’s identity crisis: ‘People just don’t know what to think any more’ “. An effort to continue to other tasks or otherwise block these unwanted semantic projections was then followed by application of whatever negative stimulus is presently believed to have effect for such purposes.

This can be applied extensively across an incredibly oppressive array of specific issues. As with most other examples, psychological domination itself is clear as one of the main objectives. But in this instance, mere psychological dominance is not at play. Here, you can find out “the why psychological dominance in this psychological warfare situation”.

The answer is this. Thought reform. Brainwashing. Mind control. To determine what you think about, when you think about it and how you think about it. Because if you control what people think, you control what they do.

All I know is that some people think France’s problems are due to dirty terrorist smelly brown people. And my preference to move along rather than engage with this is cause for negative stimulus. And, that I was not really supposed to notice the original intrusion.


(More specifics on the how: a la EMG, reading subvocalizations, which then indicate a matching to content which can be rapidly paired with online content (assuming they aren’t just on the same mailouts lists for fuck-with-me purposes), following by pulsed microwave projections inclusive of semantic content and/or other sources of negative association, for example those reported in the study by C Holbrook et al. entitled “Neuromodulation of group prejudice and religious belief”, which shows certain magnetic fields applications which are effective in changing religious belief and prejudices in the study sample.)


Note: It is not clear to me the extent to which polarization itself may be an objective (domestic billionaires might like a divided public so they can make off with the billions; Russians might like a divided public to stoke future civil war while they conquer Eastern Europe again…), and the extent to which this should be interpreted as a first-order brainwashing objective of certain main actors in Neurowar 1: Paid unprotection.


(Naturally, negative associations must now be implanted for the fact of writing of such things.)

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