NYT quote of the day

“The Negro has a callus growing on his soul, and it’s getting harder and harder to hurt him there.”
— Dick Gregory, the comedian and civil rights activist who died on Saturday, writing about being beaten in an Alabama jail in 1963.

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Facebook and free speech

Today Facebook requested my phone number to verify identity.

I had posted a single message which contained a link to a current project (directly related to the raise d’etre of the groups I’d joined), requesting feedback and input. Specifically, it involves creating a reference index related to a volume of academic outputs on some related subjects. After verifying identity, I then received a message that my account would be blocked for two days.

This is after having been blocked for two weeks upon having joined numerous advocacy groups on a similar issue (like, maybe joined 10 or 12 groups all in the same day).

Lesson? Never ever ever rely on Facebook as an ongoing part of a communication strategy. Use it, yes, but only as part of a broader approach which can painlessly move on in the case of a Facebook shutdown or effectively similar situation.

It can be mentioned, in this context, that Facebook never blocked accounts during the revolutionary fervour in Egypt, during which an average of 14 million people daily were taking to the streets to bring down the government. Yet, following multiple advocacy groups on a similar issue is cause for extended blocking, and soliciting their input as part of a project is additional cause for blocking.

Also, links to the website have been specifically targeted for removing the graphic element, which previously appeared in posts which link to it.

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On comparing yourself to others (or not)

“I never compare myself with anybody, but I learn from everybody, including presumptuous idiots.”
– Mark Twain

“Compare to gain liberating perspective.” (pierce illusions about superiority and inferiority)
– Ming Hai

The possibility to compare yourself to people who accomplished things similar to what you want to accomplish is proposed, with a view to learning from them.

More here, where little space is reserved for “comparison for the purpose of identifying bases of negative comparisons and then promoting negative judgment of other individuals (including their self perception). This should not be surprising after reading the title laid into the url: “Compare yourself to other people without causing psychological damage using a healthy strategy”.

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Write your own personal user’s manual to make workplace teamwork better

Various uncomfortable aspects to the notion can certainly be thought up, but … wouldn’t it be easier if people would handle you the way you want to be handled, and be able to take you at face value about specified aspects of personality (etc) which affect the way you work, including the way you work with others?

So long as you’re not composing a key which may too easily serve as a guide towards being manipulated (although very possible this would make the less-than-well-meaning motives of some other party more obvious), maybe it’s not that bad of an idea?

I suggest the following as possible items for inclusion in a personal user’s manual:

Works well when you fuck off. Unable to give a fuck about what you want if you’re watching over shoulder at every step. Open to blunt criticisms if focused on outputs, and not comprising a personal attack.

More on the notion here.

It may also be noted that those under continuous and pervasive monitoring – including organized stalking by high-tech proxy combined with electronic harassment/torture – may find that such an exercise would be painful, both in its creation, and also in the refinements of manipulations and psychological hostilities brought to bear against them. ‘What motivates you’ appears to be an eternal priority of blackmail-brainwash perpetrators.

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Wouldn’t a foreign power have more interest to stoke terrorism in the USA than legit Americans? (Also, open/closed considerations regarding stupidities of excessive information collection.)

Among targeted individuals, rumour has it that the rise in mass murders (etc.) is at least in part due to electronic harassment where synthetic telepathy operators promote the idea for an individual to commit such a mass murder. This rumour is driven by the assumption that people in security or intelligence would be willing to do such things in order to legitimize requests to legislatures for larger budgets.

Consider this: a major power would generally have a greater interest in causing terrorism (etc.) outside of its own borders, as opposed to causing terrorism inside its borders. And, moreover, the additional resource allocations would a) redirect security allocations from potential international allocations towards internal allocations (in a situation which may also in aggregate eat up more economic resources).

In the meantime, the situation is one where the West is relatively open, while Russia (especially) and China are fairly closed countries. Considering that the expected response to mass murders and terrorism would be expected to increase the extent to which information is collected and processed (under the theory of them being caused by the CIA et al in order to justify larger budget requests, and increased monitoring of any and all civilians being one of the main things they might be expected to do with such budgets), it is worth mentioning that this situation implies huge availability of information on huge volumes of Western citizens that could be taken by China or Russia (etc.) whereas the opposite hardly applies because China and Russia are fairly closed countries.


That having been said, the view that the massive rise in mass murders may be the result of nefarious actions by domestic (to the USA) actors for the reasons mentioned initially does not seem all that crazy …

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When hanging someone by the balls at the town square could be the nice-guy thing to do

You know you have a good friend when … !!!

I wouldn’t mind turning you into a $0 a job contract killer, but aside from that, of course I have your best interests at heart. And that’s why I have to send you feel-good+trusting neurostimulation when claiming that some negative treatment was in fact motivated by a desire to help you learn how to deal with the item of negative treatment.

(Naturally, this would be playing bad guy, so I can fraternize with the bad guys, in order to somehow or another transform bad+bad into something good, primarily by doing bad things and hanging out with people who are similar in that regard. Because as we all learned in grade school: bad+bad= good.)

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In order to oppose brainwashing, help to brainwash people in order to develop fellow feeling with other brainwashing perpetrators: Pro-Stalin logic #109487

If opposed to brainwashing people, in order to maintain the confidence of fellow brainwashing perpetrators, one must participate in the brainwashing in order to find some means at some date in the future of leveraging fellow feeling and sympathies of fellow perpetrators.

By this means, continuance of brainwashing is to contribute to its undermining.

Also, helping people is hurting people, and hurting people is helping people.

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If you said it happened you made it happen: Pro-Stalin logic #82117

If you don’t just go along with someone playing friendly when they apparently have hostile pro-slavery intentions, then the fact of not just going along with the facade is the cause of them deciding to do what they were already doing in the first place.

Similarly, saying that something happened is the cause of it’s having happened. Thus, in order to prevent hostile things, never ever say a word if observing and/or experiencing hostile things.

(Of course, if the perpetrator of hostilities suggests that speaking of the absurdity of such logic for the space of some second before returning to previous ‘habits’, then certainly those few seconds should be highlighted above all else.)

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There’s probably a line from a patriotic song that could be inserted as a title here …

CanadaCanada .
AlbaniaCanada .
AustriaCanada .
BelarusCanada .
BulgariaCanada .
CroatiaCanada .
CzechCanada .
DenmarkCanada .
FinlandCanada .
FranceCanada .
GermanyCanada .
GreeceCanada .
HungaryCanada .
IcelandCanada .
IrelandCanada .
ItalyCanada .
LatviaCanada .
LithuaniaCanada .
MacedoniaCanada .
MaltaCanada .
MoldovaCanada .
NetherlandsCanada .
NorwayCanada .
PolandCanada .
PortugalCanada .
RomaniaCanada .
RussiaCanada .
ScotlandCanada .
Serbia-MontenegroCanada .
SlovakiaCanada .
SloveniaCanada .
SpainCanada .
SwedenCanada .
SwitzerlandCanada .
UkraineCanada .
United KingdomCanada .
WalesCanada .
AfghanistanCanada .
ArmeniaCanada .
AzerbaijanCanada .
BahrainCanada .
BangladeshCanada .
BhutanCanada .
BruneiCanada .
CambodiaCanada .
ChinaCanada .
East TimorCanada .
GeorgiaCanada .
IndiaCanada .
IndonesiaCanada .
IranCanada .
IraqCanada .
IsraelCanada .
JapanCanada .
JordanCanada .
KazakhstanCanada .
KuwaitCanada .
KyrgyzstanCanada .
LaosCanada .
LebanonCanada .
MalaysiaCanada .
MaldivesCanada .
MongoliaCanada .
MyanmarCanada .
NepalCanada .
North KoreaCanada .
OmanCanada .
PakistanCanada .
PalestineCanada .
Papua New GuineaCanada .
PhilippinesCanada .
QatarCanada .
Saudi ArabiaCanada .
SingapoeCanada .
South KoreaCanada .
Sri LankaCanada .
SyriaCanada .
TaiwanCanada .
TajikistanCanada .
ThailandCanada .
TibetCanada .
TurkeyCanada .
TurkmenistanCanada .
United Arab EmiratesCanada .
UzbekistanCanada .
vietnamCanada .
YemenCanada .
AlgeriaCanada .
AngolaCanada .
BeninCanada .
BotswanaCanada .
Burkina FasoCanada .
BurundiCanada .
CameroonCanada .
Central African RepublicCanada .
ChadCanada .
Congo, Democratic Republic ofCanada .
Congo, Republic ofCanada .
Côte d'IvoireCanada .
DjiboutiCanada .
EgyptCanada .
Equatorial GuineaCanada .
EritreaCanada .
EthiopiaCanada .
GabonCanada .
GambiaCanada .
GhanaCanada .
Guinea-BissauCanada .
GuineaCanada .
KenyaCanada .
LesothoCanada .
LiberiaCanada .
LibyaCanada .
MadagascarCanada .
MalawiCanada .
MoroccoCanada .
MozambiqueCanada .
NamibiaCanada .
NigerCanada .
NigeriaCanada .
RwandaCanada .
SenegalCanada .
Sierra LeoneCanada .
South AfricaCanada .
SudanCanada .
SwazilandCanada .
TanzaniaCanada .
TogoCanada .
TunisiaCanada .
UgandaCanada .
ZambiaCanada .
ZimbabweCanada .
ArgentinaCanada .
BahamasCanada .
BarbadosCanada .
BelizeCanada .
BoliviaCanada .
BrazilCanada .
ChileCanada .
ColombiaCanada .
Costa RicaCanada .
CubaCanada .
Dominican RepublicCanada .
EcuadorCanada .
El SalvadorCanada .
GuatemalaCanada .
GuyanaCanada .
HaitiCanada .
HondurasCanada .
JamaicaCanada .
MexicoCanada .
NicaraguaCanada .
PanamaCanada .
ParaguayCanada .
PeruCanada .
SurinameCanada .
Trinidad and TobagoCanada .
U.S.A.Canada .
UruguayCanada .
VenezuelaCanada .
AustraliaCanada .
New ZealandCanada .


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Jack Ma’s advice to African entrepeneurs

“If the government does not have a solution to any problem, it is an opportunity”

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